The 5 Levels Leading to Mastery are adopted from Robert Lundin McNamara’s book Strength to Awaken

Here I’m just going to briefly list and describe the levels of a developmental training model which goes beyond the conventional model of today’s society. However, if you want to delve deeper into a discussion about what each level entails,  please contact us and let’s talk. We would love to create more of a discussion around these topics.

Moving through each of these levels will be the essence of transforming your practice into a way of life vs. just another program. Levels 1 and 2 are what 99.9% of today’s programs encompass, which are solely dedicated to form and achieving an end goal. In Levels 3 and 4, you will begin to feel the pleasure, passion, and even purpose what it is like to build a strong relationship between your mind, body, and this present moment. At Level 5, you have mastered your practice by having brought your practice fully into your engagement with life.

It was my personal evolution and my frustration with the current training conventions which drove me to seek something more in my training practice and career. Shortly after coming up with the idea of Life Warrior, I found Rob’s book and immediately sought him out so that I could learn from him. Conveniently, he lived down the road in Boulder, Colorado.

Rob’s book has created a deeper practice for strength training and has provided a road map for us all to follow.

Here are the 5 levels to Mastery:

Level 1: Building- Mainly concerned with developing proper form and breath with exercise

Level 2: Achieving- Creating and achieving specific end goals from your training, ex. weight loss, performance enhancement, improved muscle mass, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, etc.

Level 3: Growing- Involves the full integration of body and mind in a more unified posture with the present moment. This stage of training tends to present with more joy and pleasure in one’s practice, as one starts to grow into what a unified body/mind feels like.

Level 4: Thriving- The level at which your practice becomes a passionately driven and inspired activity. It is the level beyond the conventional self and the conventional modes of training. While level 3 integrated your body and mind, at level 4 you will begin to transcend it all together, reaching a whole new level of performance and passion in the here and now.

Transcending your body/mind/ego does not mean that you are getting rid of it, but rather that you are no longer attached to these conventional modes of being. You have moved into something bigger!

Level 5: Mastery- This level is where you will have reached the ultimate source of your Excellence. Your Excellence is the point at which your practice has helped you fully engage in life, by liberating you from your habituated patterns and the struggle with what exists. By doing this, you will have developed true strength, which is your ability to BE with whatever is arising here and now.

I hope I have provided some insight into what to expect from your Life Warrior practice. If you don’t completely understand each level, no worries, you will as you come to understand these words from the inside rather than as just letters on a page

Sincerely, John Austin Foster, founder of Life Warrior