Life Warrior offers a unique combination of yoga, mindfulness, and fitness. Here are the reasons we utilize yoga.

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of practice for our mind and body. Yoga’s purpose is to help us yoke our body, mind, and spirit into this present moment. By utilizing yoga in our program, we are able to enhance our mind/body connection and improve fitness experience and performance.

Furthermore, yoga aligns the body by creating stability, core strength, flexibility, and proper breathing. If done correctly and with the right instruction, a person can use specific yoga training to reduce or completely eliminate knee, back, and many other types of body pain. Using an Iyengar style of yoga, Life Warrior utilizes specific yoga poses along with feedback from other individuals and various tools to re-balance the body.

Traditional stretching can often do more harm than good. In a typical stretching regiment, large muscle groups are isolated, while other elements such as ligaments, tendons and supporting muscles are overlooked, resulting in pain and injuries. By utiizing yoga rather than isolation techniques, we create a much more functional body than our conventional counterparts in the health industry. Our system is not only more balanced, but it results in less injuries and even aids in the body’s ability to repair itself.