What Others Are Saying!

Kathy K.,

LifeWarrior offers a unique program that focuses on individual needs in a way you can’t get at a gym.  John’s mind, body and spirit philosophy helped me release blockages that kept me from moving into a space in my life where I could finally set my own personal priorities to be inline with the person I want to be.  I am now using meditation, yoga and exercise with a new passion for the journey I’m on.

His program teaches how to do this without judgement or fear of failure, with love and respect for self.  I’ve had a gym membership for years and barely used it and now, of my own accord, I have been using it frequently to reach my lovingly self imposed goals.  John’s program empowers participants to be able to find it within themselves to be able to power their own dreams – a stark contrast to the mindless structure of say, a personal trainer at the gym, where you only learn to do what someone tells you to do to stay motivated — so you end up dependent on their program.

I’m on a path to my better self and it’s pretty exciting!  I would recommend Life Warrior Coaching to anyone who wants to find their inner happiness!”

-Kathy is an animal lover and business owner in the Littleton area. With her passion and love of life, she is always finding new avenues of self discovery and constantly learning how to live more fully. 

Tanya P.,

I’d like to recommend John and Life Warrior to anyone who is interested in getting their enter body, mind and spirit in shape.

I started with John to lose weight, but what has happened, besides losing, is I’ve become stronger, happier, and way more balanced and flexible.  His method is one that doesn’t get boring and I look forward to each of his visits.

Through a combination of mindfulness, yoga and core workouts, I’ve become more focused, less stressed and simple things like my balance have improved dramatically. On a recent cruise, I had no problem standing and walking even when the sea got rough.

John’s program is the answer if you are looking to improve your entire being.”

-Tanya Porter (age 63), lover of cats, her family and grandchildren. Also photographer and entrepreneur learning to live life fully and with renewed wholeheartedness in retirement.

Tammy W.,

When your friend says, “You have gotten so strong”…you know it’s working. I love to bike, dance, and horseback ride and I’ve recently added yoga. I was fit but I wasn’t completely balanced mentally and physically.

John has created something that really re-builds you from the ground up! His coaching has increased my awareness so that each day is an opportunity to use movement to challenge myself in new and different ways. Through working out, or as we call it “playing”, I’m becoming stronger mentally and physically.

It was good to be fit, but it is even better to feel strong!”

-Tammy is a biking, horseback, and life enthusiast who lives in the Littleton area with her husband

Mike W.,

I found John when I was looking for an alternative to conventional exercise programs. I was looking for a fresh approach that reflected natural movements, reduced my propensity for self-injury and promoted healing. While being well versed in coaching all manners of exercise disciplines, what sets John apart is his focus on developing the body’s natural alignment and inherent strength while maintaining the body-mind connection. John introduced me to meditation which pointed me to a deeper appreciation for the present moment and a deeper understanding of how my own ego and habituated behavior can affect my life in and out of the gym.”

-Mike is a self-proclaimed peace buff who has worked in the health and medical field for many years and lives in the Denver area with his wife

Twila S.,

In my Life Warrior training I have found that the mediation/mindfulness has helped me in more than my workouts, as I can bring myself back from wandering thoughts at work and in other areas of my life. The yoga training has given me balance and flexibility.

These two practices have contributed tremendously to my warrior training. The mindfulness and balance have given me more dimensions to my strength training and daily workouts. Focusing on my breath and alignment has benefited every aspect of my life.

I can’t thank John enough for his coaching, willingness to listen to my personal expectations, my training and guiding me in this wonderful journey.”

-Twila is a lover of life and her grandson. She works in the software industry in Denver

Karen S.,

The Life Warrior program lives up to its name.  The training techniques have made me stronger physically as well as mentally, because they are transferable to so many aspects of life.  Mindfulness has given me a new outlook, especially in stressful situations. John is exceptionally knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to helping others.”

-Karen is a biking and health enthusiast who works in the finacial sector and lives in the South Denver area

Lisa G.,

I found John during a challenging period in my life. Suffering from anxiety and depression and at the highest weight in my life, I needed someone who could help me with something more than just a workout. John recommend several books that are helping me learn to quiet my busy mind and find better ways to deal with fear and stress.

Meditating with John opens my mind and heart and I find that people around me are responding in a more positive, happy way. John’s Life Warrior program is teaching me to be more aware of my body when I eat certain foods and pay attention to my thoughts. He is showing me a new way to live through his encouraging, kind, and attentive direction and support.”

-Lisa is a lover of life, her dogs, family, and grandchildren who lives in the Denver area