Life Warrior Coaching’s studio is  located in Synergy Health and Wellness in Littleton, Co. Our coaching program can be conducted out of our studio or from anywhere in the world through skype, facetime, google hangouts, etc. We can also come to you if you live in the greater Denver/Boulder area.

Address- 1500 W. Littleton Blvd. Suite 110C, Littleton, Co. 80120

My Journey to Creating Life Warrior Coaching

by John Austin Foster

Life Warrior Coaching came about as a bi-product of my personal passion and hero’s journey. I left the corporate fitness industry 2 years ago in order to find a new path in the health and wellness world. I just couldn’t take it anymore, from the myopic focus on the body and exercise to the quick fixes, fad diets, and the ego based mindset. I had to create something new! Something that would address the core issues of health, wellness, happiness, and even effectiveness in life. Shortly after beginning my new adventure, I ran across Rob McNamara who is a college professor, author, strength coach, and psychotherapist. His first book, Strength to Awaken, focuses on how to transform a conventional training practice into a yoga, mind/body practice which will bring more presence and even a spiritual dimension to strength training. He then wrote another book which addresses something that I’m extremely passionate about! It’s called The Elegant Self and it’s on human development and the higher reaches of human potential. 

After meeting and learning from Rob, a decade of seeing what doesn’t work, and after a couple years of teaching yoga and meditation, I knew the direction in which I wanted to take my new coaching brand. From there I began to turn Life Warrior Coaching into a program that really helps people grow physically, mentally, and spiritually! Don’t be surprised if I randomly ask you in the middle of a coaching session about your purpose in life. I think it is so important that we train with meaning and purpose, even in our exercise practice. The goal of Life Warrior Coaching is to help people train as warriors for all aspects of being. 

In this year, 2014, I’m extremely excited to offer this program to you. Currently this program is small but we feel that our message and program is huge! We hope you will be a part of this movement towards a better world by becoming a life warrior and helping us spread the message of love, purpose, power, presence and warrior training to everyone on this planet. – Sincerely, John