Mindfulness Coaching in Denver and Beyond

Life Warrior Coaching’s studio is  located in Synergy Health and Wellness in Littleton, Co. Our coaching program can be conducted out of our studio or from anywhere in the world through skype, facetime, google hangouts, etc.  We offer live coaching in Denver area, but we can also come to you, if you live in the greater Denver/Boulder area.

Address- 1500 W. Littleton Blvd. Suite 110C, Littleton, Co. 80120

My Journey to Creating Life Warrior Coaching/Mindfulness Training in Denver

by John Austin Foster

I was a personal trainer for the greater part of a decade before I began Life Warrior. After training many clients for well over 10,000 hours, I began to realize that working with the body was a very limited way of helping people cultivate lasting health, happiness, and sustainable life change. I was too limited as a trainer, so I began searching out other ways to coach people. As a Zen practitioner, I inevitably began looking into ways of incorporating mindfulness into a health and wellness program. Little did I know, it would become much more than that!

Throughout all of my career, I have been an avid learner, reading hundreds of books on health, personal development, philosophy, brain science, and anything else I could get my hands on. As I began to study more about the human body and mind, I learned that it is really how we perceive the world, our bodies, and our life’s purpose that makes the difference as to how we act in and upon the world. A “program” matters very little if someone doesn’t have the right mindset, reduced stress levels, meaning and motivation to follow that program. 

Therefore, I began developing Life Warrior Coaching! A program that would help people create true lasting change in their life by teaching them to use the most powerful tool they have, the power of their minds!

 Shortly after beginning my journey, I found a profound teacher, Rob McNamara, who is a Teaching Fellow of Developmental Psychology, at Harvard University, alongside Robert Kegan. Through my work with Rob, author of Strength to Awaken and The Elegant Self, I learned how to grow my mind into greater complexity, health and happiness, as well as how to apply my experience, practice, and knowledge into helping others do the same.

 Life Warrior Coaching is a program dedicated to helping you train your mind in powerful ways, to helping you find happiness and health, and to giving you the coaching and tools to help you follow your greatest purpose in life. 

 “With Life Warrior Coaching, I’ve found a holistic approach to a healthy mind, healthy body, and a happier self.  Thanks LW!” – Lisa G. 

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