Mindfulness Coaching in Denver and Beyond

Life Warrior Coaching: Mind Training for Optimal Performance

Life Warrior Coaching is a mindfulness based coaching program that will work with you individually or with your organization to help you achieve the next level of performance! 

I, John Austin Foster, founded Life Warrior Coaching after spending the greater part of a decade as a trainer and coach. Through observing hundreds of client’s failures and successes, I began developing a program which I felt would get closer to the root of the problem as to why people were not able to access their higher capacities and reach their goals.

Being a Zen meditation practitioner myself, I realized the primary obstacle holding people back from their greatest goals and dreams was not their physical limitations but rather their mental beliefs, attitudes, and judgments. By creating a program that works with the mind, I have developed a program which frees people up to explore their greatest potential as human beings.

Life Warrior Coaching addresses the complexity of mind which a client or organization exhibits and then gives them the education and the tools to identify their major obstacles, as well as their greatest opportunities. Through various methodologies, beginning with mindfulness and focus then moving into developmental theory (developmental psychology, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory), and, finally, mental creation, Life Warrior presents a ground breaking program that will bring out the greatest potential in you, your company or athletic program!

Contact us today to schedule a 30 minute phone consult to see how we can help you or your organization. I’m available for talks, workshops, as well as all day retreats that will give your organization a taste of the possibilities available to you through mind training. 

“Life Warrior offers a unique program that focuses on individual needs.  John’s mind, body and spirit philosophy helped me release blockages that kept me from moving into a space in my life where I could finally set my own personal priorities to be inline with the person I want to be.  I am now using meditation and yoga with a new passion for the journey I’m on.

His program teaches how to do this without judgement or fear of failure, with love and respect for self.

I’m on a path to my better self and it’s pretty exciting!  I would recommend Life Warrior Coaching to anyone who wants to find their inner happiness!” – Kathy K.

 “With Life Warrior Coaching, I’ve found a holistic approach to a healthy mind, healthy body, and a happier self.  Thanks LW!” – Lisa G. 

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