Life And Mindfulness Coaching in Denver and Beyond

Life Warrior is life coaching and mindfulness training for the unitiated meditator. Life Warrior Coaching helps the beginner mind create a meditation practice that will be realistic for them and, at the same time, will be a powerful practice for positive change! 

After a decade of training and coaching, I created Life Warrior Coaching to help people answer the biggest and most important questions of life. What really matters? How can I be happy? How do I find loving and fulfilling relationships? How can I create positive and lasting change? How can I change the way I think to finally accomplish my life goals?

Come to find out, the answers to all of these questions lie within your own self!!! This is why I’ve centered my coaching program on creating a realistic and powerful meditation practice. Then, through life coaching, we will help you uncover those limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back!

Coaching is becoming one of the most powerful agents for change in our culture. Within the coaching relationship, magic happens, dreams are constructed, and fears are finally confronted. 

If you are interested in beginning a meditation practice or if you are unhappy, stressed, and looking for positive life change, Life Warrior Coaching can help you in an amazing way!

I look forward to hearing your story and seeing how I can help. For my story, click my name below.

 John Austin Foster, founder of Life Warrior Coaching

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Warning: Life Warrior Coaching may result in excessive happiness, which may irritate others around you. 

“Life Warrior offers a unique program that focuses on individual needs.  John’s mind, body and spirit philosophy helped me release blockages that kept me from moving into a space in my life where I could finally set my own personal priorities to be inline with the person I want to be.  I am now using meditation and yoga with a new passion for the journey I’m on.

His program teaches how to do this without judgement or fear of failure, with love and respect for self.

I’m on a path to my better self and it’s pretty exciting!  I would recommend Life Warrior Coaching to anyone who wants to find their inner happiness!” – Kathy K.

 “With Life Warrior Coaching, I’ve found a holistic approach to a healthy mind, healthy body, and a happier self.  Thanks LW!” – Lisa G. 

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