Life Warrior

Life Warrior

How can I be happy? What is my purpose? How can I get unstuck? What about my life’s dream?

Life Warrior seeks to help you answer these questions through coaching and creating optimal life practices, like MEDITATION. Learn what the mindfulness craze is all about. Become a Life Warrior!!! Scroll down to learn more about LWC.



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New to Meditation? No problem!

New to Meditation? No problem!

Life Warrior specializes in training the un-initiated meditator. In fact, we welcome the newby, because in the beginner’s mind the possibilities are limitless. Before you start a practice with false expectations and myths about what mindfulness is really all about, contact a Life Warrior Coach today.


Mindful Life Coaching

Life Warrior is all about helping you optimize your life and mind! Become a Life Warrior with us and help us change the world into a more positive and empowering place.

What are the greatest questions of life? 

When you boil them down, all of them mostly center on a few things. How can I be happy? What is my purpose? How do I find & create truly loving relationships? In the West, we’re beginning to realize that none of these questions can really be answered from the outside. All of the answers lie within our own selves!!!!

So why aren’t we being taught how to search within???

Why didn’t we have a course in school on how to answer life’s biggest questions? We had philosophy class but even that class didn’t teach us how to truly use our God given tools to approach life in a powerful way.

This is what Life Warrior Coaching is all about!!!

Through coaching and helping fresh minds establish a mindfulness practice, we want to help people find the answers to life’s biggest questions, by looking within. Follow your dreams, re-establish inspiring goals, find the secrets to happiness inside of you. These are what life warriors do naturally. Let us help you discover what has been there all along!!!

If you’ve been meditating for a while, Life Warrior is for you too! Our coaching lies way beyond just meditation. While our primary mission centers on getting everyone to create the amazing skill of mindfulness, we are also about helping people establish optimal life practices like journaling, out of the box exercise, visualizations, and, ultimately, helping you find your greatest excellence in life.

So, I, John Foster, founder of LWC, have a challenge for you. I want you to rock your greatest life! I want you to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else is saying or what your life circumstance is telling you. This is the first step to becoming a life warrior. Contact us today at for any additional questions or to start the most important conversation of your life!

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Life Warrior Coaching is based out of Denver, Colorado but can be carried out from anywhere, via skype or phone conversation.

Get started with Life Warrior Coaching by subscribing to our newsletter and then by having a powerful and free conversation with a coach. Figure out if Life Warrior Coaching is for you by talking to us over the phone or in person. There are no sales pitches or presentations! Only us listening to your powerful story and figuring out how we can help. Feel free to contact us via e-mail first at

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