Life Warrior

Life Warrior

LWC implements enlightenment principles for a transformative coaching expereince!

What is your greatest struggle? Most likely, it revolves around self worth, relationships, or career & purpose. Life Warrior Coaching uses the tools of coaching and meditation to help you find the answers that were always within!
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Free Your Mind!

Free Your Mind!

Free your mind by working with LWC! Learn how to implement a meditation practice that will help you become more powerful in your life.

Life Warrior Coaching focuses on helping the Western mind understand and implement a realistic meditation practice! New to meditation? No problem! LWC is the coaching program for you.


Mindful Life Coaching

Life Warrior is all about helping you optimize your life and mind! Become a Life Warrior with us and help us change the world into a more positive and empowering place.

We want you to rock your greatest life!

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life, so much as they are looking for the experience of being alive .” – Joseph Campbell

Life Warrior Coaching is a transformative coaching experience! We do not just create goals and help you go towards them. Within the first couple sessions with LWC, you will most likely have a totally different view of how you perceive life, what is most important to you, and how to even think about your goals.

LWC is extremely effective because we combine these powerful mind shifts with an actual mental practice to help you implement these new perspectives permanently. Where other coaching may fail, LWC succeeds because you will be given the tools to be truly powerful.

Our mission is to help our clients pursue their best life. What is your greatest struggle? Let us help you overcome it! 

“After just two sessions with John, I have an entirely new, exciting, and better perspective on my life. I am so encouraged to see where I can go from here. Well worth the investment!” – Katy

We’ve helped clients address serious physical problems such as poor health and obesity, mental and emotional issues holding them back, lack of purpose in career, & difficulties in creating powerful and intimate relationships!

So, I, John Foster, founder of LWC, have a challenge for you. I want you to rock your greatest life! I want you to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else is saying or what your life circumstance is telling you. This is the first step to becoming a life warrior. Contact us today at for any additional questions or to apply to work with us!

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LWC has 3 basic criteria for working with coaching candidates:
1. You deeply WANT to transform your life, where most people only say they do!
2. You are totally willing to commit to results oriented coaching. This means overcoming fear!
3. You are willing to hear the truth delivered in an open, honest and loving fashion.

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Life Warrior Coaching is based out of Denver, Colorado but can be carried out from anywhere, via skype or phone conversation.

LWC is a referral and application only coaching program. If you would like to apply to be a coaching client and take part in our program read our Coach with LWC page to learn more. 

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