Life Warrior

Life Warrior

LWC wants you to be a warrior & the hero of your own life. That’s it!!! Nothing else will do. To be truly happy, you must be willing to fight for greatness.

Life Warrior Coaching will help you uncover your biggest limitations through coaching and teaching you how to train your mind! Be powerful my friends.

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Free Your Mind!

Free Your Mind!

Free your mind by working with LWC! Learn how to implement a powerful meditation practice that will un-enslave you from the matrix of false realities.

Life Warrior will train you to be a super hero. Check it out, under our Super Hero Access. We also specialize in working with the un-initiated mind.

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Mindful Life Coaching

Life Warrior is all about helping you optimize your life and mind! Become a Life Warrior with us and help us change the world into a more positive and empowering place.

We want you to rock your greatest life!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

LWC believes that you are the hero of your own life! Rather than searching for the answers outside of yourself, Life Warrior Coaching will help you look inside your own being for the personal strength, happiness, power and purpose that were there all long.

LWC is extremely effective because we combine powerful mind shifts with an actual mental practice to help you implement these new perspectives. Where other coaching may fail, LWC succeeds because you will be given the tools to be truly powerful.

Our mission is to help our clients pursue their best life. We believe that you contain greatness and we want to help bring it out in you!!!

So, I, John Foster, founder of LWC, have a challenge for you. I want you to rock your greatest life! I want you to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else is saying or what your life circumstance is telling you. This is the first step to becoming a life warrior. Contact us today at for any additional questions or to apply to work with us!

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LWC has 3 basic criteria for working with coaching candidates:
1. You deeply want to find your purpose or pursue it more fervently
2. You are totally willing to commit to results oriented coaching. This means overcoming fear!
3. You are willing to hear the truth delivered in an open, honest and loving fashion.

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Life Warrior Coaching is based out of Denver, Colorado but can be carried out from anywhere, via skype or phone conversation.

LWC is a referral and application only coaching program. If you would like to apply to be a coaching client and take part in our program read our Coach with LWC page to learn more. 

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